One Organized Home

They say that moving can be one of the most stressful experiences in life, but Jan Silverman (of One Organized Home) eased the burden. I highly recommend her to manage all your moving needs. My husband, three kids and I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles. Jan was a lifesaver. She took care of us and went above and beyond what we could have ever anticipated. She prepared our new house before we arrived – supervising the cleaners and the movers – and then provided concierge services such as connecting us with top local providers, running errands and anything else we needed. Jan helped us unpack and made thoughtful systems to help the house run smoothly. She truly made our new house feel like a home.

– Samantha Kriger, Bel Air

I am chronically disorganized and my husband and son are packrats.  We just moved back into our house after a major remodel. Good time to purge and refresh. I wanted a new beginning. Jan of One Organized Home came in like a powerhouse. She sees everything, comes up with creative ideas, and isn’t satisfied until she achieves perfection. She shopped for shelves, hardware, organizing supplies, etc., to make each room work better and look better. When items needed to be donated or sold, she took care of it. She gave me tips on more effective, healthier cleaning supplies. And she works faster than anyone I have ever worked with. Most of all, she helped me stay on task. Now I have the beautiful, uncluttered home I always wanted. Everything has a place, so straightening up is quick and easy. I’ve had other organizers in the past, but Jan stands out due to her efficiency, creativity and responsiveness.

– Ellie Ross, Pacific Palisades

Jan Silverman of One Organized Home is a masterful organizer with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Her love of her work is evident in her focus and good humor. She cares deeply for her clients and serves them with wondrous attention to detail. Her extraordinary skills were evident throughout all stages of the move in which I downsized from a large house to an apartment. First, she went through the entire house with me to assess the situation. Second, she disassembled the house – including my overwhelming home office – organized the contents to streamline the packing process for the movers. Third, she supervised the movers, making sure all items labeled for the very specific destinations. Finally, unpacking. This is where Jan and her team were extraordinary! Within two hours of arriving at my new home, the kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom were totally set up. The cappuccino machine was reassembled and working; pillows and clean sheets were on the bed; fresh towels and cosmetics awaited me in the bathroom. By day two, every single box was emptied. Jan is the ultimate professional, creating genius storage and organizing solutions.

– Joanna Cottrell, Brentwood